Most Famous Italian Foods

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Famous Italian Foods: The scrumptious and finger licking Italian dishes are one of a kind. They are famous for their peculiar tastes and simple ingredients. The friendly Italians are quite serious when it comes to their food, and they leave no stone unturned to turn it into as delicious as forbidden fruit. The good news is that these top Italian foods are available for everyone, and we can eat them as much as we like to, and as much as our stomach allows us to. Each Italian food contains healthy ingredients, which makes it a healthful food item to eat along with delicious taste.

Most Famous Italian Foods

The bad news is that the overwhelming temptation to taste everything made in Italy is not possible for most of the tourists who are in Italy for a few days only. The best option available for them is to eat the best and famous Italian foods only. The recipes are available and several Italian restaurants are spread all across the globe, but to get the real taste of these dishes, a visit to Italy is compulsory.

However, it is an extremely difficult task to choose the best between the numerous such mouthwatering foods. Being a lover of food myself, below are the famous Italian foods according to my taste and style.  

Famous Italian Foods


Pizza italian food

The most famous among all the top Italian foods is the honorable ‘Pizza’. It is cheap and tasty, what else can be a tourist’s wish. A hot Pizza, direct from the oven, with a thin crust, and toppings of your choice. The usual toppings include the tomato sauce, spread evenly on the crust, with beautifully sliced olives, lots of cheese and fresh basil leaves delicately placed on its top.

The most popular Pizza, however, is the Margherita. It has taken its name from the Queen Margherita, who once visited Naples in 1889, and found it delicious. The colors of the Pizza Margherita is similar to the colors of the flag of Italy. Now, there is no any region of the world where you cant find this most famous Italian food.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

Spaghetti AllaCarbonara

The next on the list is called Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. The word Carbonara in the name of the dish has drawn many theories. According to some, this dish was quite popular among the charcoal worker, while the others relate it to a secret society called the Carbonari. It hasn’t been established if these theories are based on some incident or are simply stories to make the dish popular. But all these things don’t make the dish any less tasty.

The Spaghetti Alla Carbonara contains only a few ingredients only, namely, spaghetti, eggs, black pepper, pecorino cheese and cured guanciale. It doesn’t include cream, which is a common misconception. Mastering the dish is hard, but worth it. There is a lot of variation in the dish, but the original one still tops them all.

It is famous in Rome. So whenever you go to Rome, spend your evenings eating the lip-smacking Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.

Lasagne Alla Bolognese

LasagneAlla Bolognese

The delicious Lasagne Alla Bolognese’s recipe contains several layers of different ingredients, which are ragù, Béchamel sauce, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese only. The ragù is meat which is based in the Bolognese sauce. The origin of this food is from the Naples. Those who are a big fan of Italian foods, Lasagne Alla Bolognese is a must try, the most famous Italian food available everywhere.

Osso buco Alla Milanese

OssobucoAlla Milanese

Tender veal shanks are used to make this dish. Its preparations take time as chefs make it slowly by frying it lightly in white wine, along with vegetables, and then stew it slowly in an air-tight container. Due to this, the veal shanks melts. The ideal cooking time is about three hours.

The real amusement is scooping up the marrow from the bones of the veal, after eating its meat and the vegetables.

Risotto Italian Food

Risotto Italian Food

Risotto is made up of rice. Although the Italian people aren’t a big fan of rice, as they usually are more into spaghetti, pasta, and pizza. Risotto is famous in Venice. The tourist visiting Venice should be aware of the spring or summer risotto which is considered as the seasonal dishes.

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia Bread

Bread in Italy has literally hundreds of kinds in Italy. However, this dish is available in Tuscany, where you might notice that the taste of the bread is quite different than the one you remember in the pieces of bread you have been eating all over Italy. The main reason for this difference is that the bread in Tuscany is available without any salt in it. Due to this, the bread in Tuscany tastes different and good.

Usually, Italians and Travelers eat it with the toppings of olives, tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese and caramelized onions. Focaccia Bread is an extremely simple, yet an appetizing dish which makes it one of the famous Italian foods.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the hundreds of kinds of bread available in Italy. Hence, if the time permits, a tourist should give a chance to all the various kinds of bread and find your very own favorite bread.



Panzanella also consists of bread, and this time it is a Tuscan bread as well. This simple but famous Italian dish has two constant ingredients, which are bread and tomatoes. Sometimes, you can also eat them with cucumbers and fresh basil. 

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The name of the dish means boiled again in English. It is because this dish was invented by the servants, who would mix all the leftovers of their masters and make this dish. Ribollita is healthy and rich and is also famous as poor man’s food.  The meal of leftovers for servants of those ancient times is now a famous Italian food.


Gelato italian foods

After the meal comes the sweet dish. You can also call it as an Italian ice cream, although it was not the Italians who invented ice creams. These ice creams have less air and fat. Gelato is much tastier due to an ample amount of natural flavoring. Furthermore, there are about 37,000 gelaterie all around the Italy.

The best gelato can be found in Rome, Bologna, and Florence. It is a must for all the tourists visiting Italy to get a delightful taste of such famous Italian foods.

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Another sweet dish in my list is Tiramisu. Coffee, sugar, eggs, cocoa and many other such ingredients are present in the making of this heavenly dessert. It is creamy and tasty and dissolves in mouth instantly. It is a necessary dessert after a heavy Italian meal, and a pleasant journey for all the sweet tooth out there. If you are looking for a top Italian food for your dessert craving, Tiramisu is a great option indeed.

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