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TellhalfordsAutocentres: Just like all the big companies that have been in the business for a long time, Halfords values their customers and ranks them as their top priority in getting the satisfaction off. In order to get the insights of their valued customers or potential customers, Halfords has recently launched an online survey at Okay now hold now, this is not your everyday online survey, well yeah, it may seem so, but in reality, it is something much bigger than just an ordinary survey. You can win big here. Yes, you heard me right, you fill in an easy short Tell Halfords Autocentres survey and you may end up with £1000 in your pocket. Yes, I am dead serious about Halfords Customer Service feedback at

tell halfords autocentres service

GIve your Halfords Customer feedback and win £1000 cash. Customer satisfaction and how they feel about your company is a top-notch priority for any company that is successful or is looking to be and Halfords is no way behind in it. Their online tellhalfords survey makes sure that they get the insights from their customers while you end up with some prize money for your participation.

Halfords Customer Service -TellhalfordsAutocentres Survey

Tellhalfords survey

Halfords is one of the leading retail store lines that deal with the different car components, camping equipment, and other outdoor stuff. The retail company came into existence back in 1892 and has since grown in one the biggest company in the industry. If you are living in the United Kingdom or its any neighboring company, the chances are that you have visited Halfords at least once in your lifetime. After all, Halfords keeps your car moving and makes sure you survive well once you go to different campsites. Give your Halfords Customer Service feedback and chance to win £1000 cash.

This blog will be assisting you in how to fill out the tellhalfordsautocentres survey as well it does in such a way that is most beneficial for both you and the company. So buckle up people, Halfords survey, here we come.

What Should You Need?

Tellhalfordsautocentres survey

In order for you to fill in the Tell Halfords Autocentres survey you would need;

  • An internet connection (Just in case, any of you thought you may fill it offline)
  • Any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • An old receipt from Halfords along with the invitation code
  • Some basic understanding of English

How Long Will it Take?

Well, this questions all comes down to the fact that what kind of device you are using in order to fill in the survey. We tested out the survey on all the three devices that included a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. Filling in the survey with the smartphone was the hardest as the survey is not available in mobile format. It will take more than five minutes to fill this survey on a mobile device. Not a recommended way of filling in the survey.

Filling in the survey with a tablet was comparatively frustrating as well since there is no mobile version of it. The best and the recommended way of filling in the survey is via using a laptop or a PC. The completion of this survey takes hardly 2 minutes over a desktop PC or a laptop.

How to Fill in the Tellhalfords Survey?

halfords customer service

Here is a step by step procedure on how to fill in the survey and take big prizes home.

Click To Take Survey

  • First thing first. Log onto or visit this link Just click the link and you are good to go
  • Key in the details of the previous receipt that you have from the store and then click ‘Enter’
  • Select the time and date on which you last visited the Halfords store. This is a double verification method by the company
  • Key in your personal details that include your full name, your gender, and age. Do not enter the details of your credit card anywhere online.
  • Enter your full and complete email address once asked for. Make sure that the email is in your use since the Halfords representative will be coordinating with you on emails only
  • After all the necessary information is provided, click ‘Proceed’ to start the survey
  • Answer the entire question sheet with honesty. It will really help the company in the long term in serving their customer.
  • After the survey is completed, you will get a six-digit code. Save that for future reference along with the receipt, you used to fill in the survey.

How the Prices are Awarded?

At the end of each day, a computer generated lucky draw is conducted. If you are one of the lucky people, you stand to win £1000 on the daily draws. One lucky winner also stands a chance to win £1000 pounds at the end of the weekly draws. Too much to give away for a two-minute survey, isn’t it?

Do not be Greedy Please

Make sure that in an attempt to win the prize money, you do not break the rules set out by the company in order for you to fill the survey. Since the prize money is huge, Halfords is strict that you follow the rules or you will not qualify. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind while filling tellhalfordsautocentres survey;

  • Do not fill in the survey twice under your name. The system will automatically disqualify you if there are two surveys filled in by the same person.
  • Do not fill in the survey on someone else’s behalf.
  • Do not use fake identity once filling in the survey

Be Careful – Halfords Customer Service Review

Since this survey is so huge in terms of the prize money and the reputation of the company, there are a few possibilities that online scammers might be lurking out there to get the best out of you. In order to avoid being scammed in any way, make sure you fill in the survey that is available at It is the only URL on which the authentic survey can fill. Also, make sure that the Halfords representatives will not be contacting you over the phone or personal emails. All the correspondence done by the company will be by an official company email. So watch out and win big in this short survey.

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