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TellJoann Survey ( is a customer satisfaction survey from Joann stores. Surveys contribute to a great amount of customer market in any business across the globe. Surveys, let they be online or on paper have a deep impact in engaging the customers and satisfying their ever-changing demands. Big companies like Joann make sure that they are up to date to the demands of the customers by having such surveys like Survey. The Tell Joann survey from company takes honest opinions and reviews from the customers to upgrade their level.

50% Off Coupon Survey ( survey

JoAnn stores came into existence in 1943 in Ohio. It is now one of the leading retailers of crafts and fabrics in the USA. Two German immigrants that migrated to the states in their childhood started Jo-Ann stores. They initially started the business as a cheese store but later on mastered the art of selling fabrics. Like any other multinational company in the world, JoAnn Stores recently launched their online survey, named as “telljoann”. The Tell Joann Survey is available at The main objective of the Tell Joann survey is to engage their customers in a survey in order to know their demands and needs so that the company may satisfy their demands.

Like all other well-known surveys out there, the survey is not only beneficial for the firm but also rewarding for the people who fill it out. The people who successfully fill out the Tell Joann survey can win bonus prizes of as much as 50% discount on retailed prized items at the Jo-Ann stores nationwide.

Now, this survey is really rewarding and amazing if you are into fabrics and clothing but hey! Hold on, let us give you some insights and step by step guide on how to fill in the survey and win great prizes.

The Prerequisites For The Online Survey

The prerequisites for the telljoann online survey

  • The person filling out the form must have attained maturity i.e. crossed the age of 18.
  • You should be able to at least have the base level understanding of either Spanish or English
  • The person filling out the Tell Joann Survey should have a device capable of internet browsings such as mobile phone or a laptop.

 Basic Rules

Basic rules

  • You have a valid purchase receipt from the store. The receipt should also include the invitation code for the survey.
  • You should have a valid USA residency. Any other nationality in the states on a visit visa cannot fill out the Tell Joann survey.
  • You can only fill in the survey once. Now do not be smart filling out multiple surveys to increases your changes. Multiple surveys will automatically disqualify you from the survey.
  • You should not be a current employee at the Jo-Ann stores.
  • Family members of current JoAnn employees cannot fill in the survey.
  • The person whose personal details are entered in the survey should fill it.

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Main Objectives

Main objectives

Here is the list of main objectives of the Survey set out by the Jo-Ann stores.

  • To have a rise in the customer satisfaction at the JoAnn stores.
  • Increasing the flow of customers for the Jo-Ann stores
  • How to figure out which products are more in demand as opposed to the rest
  • To know how their customers fell about their service and line of products
  • As an advertisement strategy by the company to get more customers to their store

The step-by-step Guide For the Tell Joann Survey

The step-by-step guide for the tell Joann survey


  • Log on to the official website of the survey at You may directly click the link or write it down in your browser address bar.
  • Enter your email address. Make sure that the email address entered is currently in use since it is the way the only JoAnn stores will communicate with you in the future.
  • Key in your current date and time when you visit the website.
  • Provide the website with registration number and the 6-digit survey invitation code, which you got from JoAnn store.
  • The TellJoann survey is simple with simple rate your experience interface.
  • There are though small question regarding your recent visit to the JoAnn stores. Make sure you answer the questions honestly since it does not matter whether you give good reviews or bad, the main objective is to get the honest answer from their valued customers.
  • Then type in your correct personal details wherever asked in the survey
  • Your survey is now completed. JoAnn stores will send you an email if you are one of the lucky winners.

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 Hey! Be Careful

Hey! Be careful

Make sure you do not fill your survey on any other website than the This is the only website on which the survey filled is as per demonstration by JoAnn. Any other surveys with such name are either fraud or broken URLs. Make sure you do not disclose any of your credit card numbers or your Social Security Number. In an unfortunate case you do come along such websites, immediately close it off and report it to the JoAnn customer care. Make note that if you win any price, an official JoAnn company representative will approach you via email and no other means of communication.

Here are the well-known issues and their tried and tested solutions that might occur while filling out Tell Joann Survey online:

  • Invalid JavaScript – A fully working JavaScript is necessary for the survey to effectively work. Enable the JavaScript on your system and update it
  • Disabled Cookies – Cookies are kind of a must when filling out any surveys online. So just in case you have disabled your cookies on your browser, it might be the right time to enable them and win hefty prices
  • Bad internet connection – Well too bad internet connection, the solution is simple, get a proper good internet connection to your home. Just in case you are out of a home, try to get closer to the router.

In order to keep their customer to its peak, Jo-Ann has a dedicated 24-hour phone line that to get any information directly from the store. The contact number for the store is 1-800-739-4142.

Now that you have all required knowledge and precautions to fill out this amazing TellJoannSurvey, grab your mobiles and rush to fill it out before it expires.

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