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For Tell Subway Survey go to and complete the survey, all steps are mentioned below. In order to keep their sales level high, and to keep their customers happy and satisfied, subway regularly conducts surveys. This is a way of knowing that whether their customers like their food, service, and environment. With the help of Tell Subway survey (, they would also know about their flaws and would do their best to get rid of them.

Tellsubway Win subway free cookie

The Tell Subway survey is available at This is only website responsible for all the surveys carried out under the restaurant’s name. Any other website claiming the same is bluffing and trying to get innocent people to give up their personal details.

As an incentive, subway gives the customer who takes out the time and fills in the online survey form a free cookie, which is worth the time, because we are all aware of the deliciousness of that cookie.

Tell Subway Survey at

free cookie

Subway customer survey i.e Tellsubway survey takes less than 1 minute to complete. Subway provides the ‘subs’ which are basically the submarine sandwiches, along with salad, cookies and cold drinks. The unique thing about the subway is that they provide the food that is health conscious and not something with the overwhelming number of calories. Rather the calories of all kinds of sandwiches are learning and the person can buy the one that is good for him according to the number of calories.

Below are the requirements for the survey, the basic instructions, the main objectives of subway and a step-by-step guidance for filling up the survey form.

The Requirements For Survey

Some of the requirements for the Subway free cookie survey are following,

  • A device i.e. mobile phone, desktop, laptop etc., with a good internet connection. Without a good internet connection, you might face some problems while filling up the survey form.
  • A subway receipt that should not be older than 30 days.
  • A working email address to which you have daily access to
  • A pen or a pencil for writing down the validation code to claim a free cookie next time you visit subway.

The Basic Instructions for the Tell Subway Survey

There are not many instructions to follow the Subway customer survey feedback, but a few of the following are,

  • The age of the person filling up the form should not be less than 16 years, as he/she will not be able to fully justify his/her experience.
  • The receipt that you receive from the subway should not be older than 30 days.
  • The person filling up the form should be able to understand and communicate in English.

The Step-by-step Guidance – - Tell Subway Survey

Given below is a step-by-step guideline to ensure that the customers face no problems while filling up the survey.

Click To Start Survey

  • The first step while filling the survey is to visit the official subway website i.e.
  • The next step is to select the location of the store. You should be sure about the location of the store; otherwise, you might face some hurdles in the upcoming steps.
  • After you have selected the location of the store you visited, a list of terms and conditions will show up. You will have to read all of those terms and conditions, before agreeing.
  • Afterwards, you will have to enter the date of your last visit from the receipt.
  • After this step, the real survey will start. Questions about the quality of the food and about your overall satisfaction will ask. You will have to be as honest as possible. If you are not being honest, then the real purpose of this survey will waste.
  • Your email address will be required after the Tell Subway survey is completed. This is required in order to send you an email with a validation code.
  • This validation code will then be used to get a free Subway cookie. Show this validation code at the counter next time you are on the subway and receive your free cookie.

The Main Objectives of the Survey

Some of the main objectives of Tell Subway Survey are,

  • To find out about their service. This is an important point of survey because if there is any problem in the service of the staff members or their behavior towards the customers, the people with authority will know about it, and will make necessary amends.
  • To find out about the customer satisfaction, and make sure that the customers are leaving the restaurant satisfied. In addition, that they are content with the food and the environment of the restaurant.
  • To eliminate the problems the customers are facing such as the uncleanliness, food quality etc.
  • To raise their sales level. This point can be achieved only by making sure that the customers are leaving the restaurant satisfied.

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