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RedLobsterSurvey – Red Lobster wants to know how are they are performing in the market and what are the things that their customers like or dislike about them. In order to do so, they used one of the most commonly used business strategies i.e. to launch an online survey at www.redlobstersurvey.com with some reward for the one who is filling Red Lobster Survey. They get the feedback they require and you get the reward you want.


The online survey is available at www.redlobstersurvey.com. Need more reasons to go to red lobster to eat rather than just because of seafood? Well, they have recently launched the Red Lobster survey $100 gift card with a huge sweepstake price of 1000 dollars or 100 fifty-dollar prices. 

I guess this amount alone is sufficient to rush you to your nearest red lobster outlet. You make a purchase and head home to enter your name in this prize pool.

Red Lobster Survey at www.redlobstersurvey.com

red lobster survey $100 gift card

Raise of hands if you love seafood. If you did then you ended up today on the right blog. If you really love seafood, then you must have heard of the famous ‘Red lobster’. Just in case you did not, Red Lobster is one of the tops of the line seafood chain that started in 1968 in Orlando. What started as a one-room shop has now taken over the world with its delicious and mouth-watering seafood platters and dishes. Red Lobster is a necessary stop for anyone who is a die-hard fan of seafood. If you have not tried it yet, then you are missing a huge part of the fun.

This blog will help you in guiding out how to fill out the Redlobstersurvey and how to be one of the lucky ones to get the prize money. So read on, enjoy some seafood and get a chance to win big.

First Thing First


  • Make sure you have an internet connection that is both secure and stable. It will be really time-consuming if your internet connection is slow or disconnects while filling in the survey
  • You should have a base level understanding of either of the two languages; English or Spanish. These are the only languages for now in which you can fill in the Red Lobster survey.  So do not worry about the language and move on.
  • You must have made a purchase from Red Lobster within seven days of the date that you are filling this survey. Along with the purchase, you must have the receipt safely with you.
  • You must remember which outlet you made the purchase from and what type of purchase was it. Was it Dine-in or drive through?

The Basic Things to Keep in Mind

  • You must be a local resident in the United States of America. Any other nationalities living in the region are not eligible to fill in the survey.
  • You must be 18 years or above in age.
  • If you fill in the Red Lobster Survey more than once under the same name, you will be automatically disqualified from the lucky draw.
  • You must not be working or have worked at Red Lobster in the last two months from the date you are filling in your survey.
  • You cannot be in direct relationship with a full-time worker at the Red Lobster store. Even if you fill www.redlobstersurvey.com survey and win it, you will not get the prize if you broke this rule.

Fill out the Red Lobster Survey – www.redlobstersurvey.com

red lobster customer survey coupons

Click To Start Survey

  • The survey is available at www.redlobstersurvey.com. Either click this link or copy paste it into your URL of the browser.
  • After you access the website for the Red Lobster survey, enter the six-digit code on the receipt that you got from your last purchase. Make sure that the receipt is valid.
  • Select your preferred languages. The options are Spanish or English.
  • Key in the details as they ask such as your full name, the store where you made the purchase and the type of purchase that you made. Make sure that you spell out your name correctly, as it might cause a problem later once reclaiming your price.
  • Start the customer survey and answer all the questions honestly. Now Red Lobster in their statement promises that it will not matter if the feedback was given in their favor or not. All that counts is the entry from the person. Therefore, there is no point in giving out good feedbacks purposely. Just give the feedback as you feel like.
  • After the survey is complete, submit the survey.
  • After submission, you will get an online code. Make sure you keep it safe with you. If you are the lucky winner, you will have to present the receipt alongside the code the code that you just got.
  • A company representative will email you within two weeks that whether or not, you won the price or not.

Tips and Tricks For Red Lobster Survey

  • Once you get the code, write that code on the same receipt that you used to fill in your survey and take a snap of it. Just in case that you lose it, you will have a definite proof that you were the person who filled in the survey.
  • You can use fill out the www.redlobstersurvey.com for your whole family if you want. At any given time, your family has a better chance of winning big.
  • Further, there are no proper instructions by Red Lobster on how many times a single person can fill in the survey. This means that after each weekly round of the lucky draws if your name does not come into the list, you can try your luck again.
  • An official company representative will contact you only via an email. Scammers often affect online survey. Make sure you do not fall into any such traps. Keep the receipt and code very safe.

Now you have all the basics and the guidance that is required to fill in the Red Lobster Survey. Do not wait and rush in to fill in the survey and be the lucky winner.

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